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Composing on Problems Associated with Pest Control

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Issues Associated with Pest Control Pests may be held under control in a variety of ways. However, the main means to kill off pests would be to use a chemical referred to as a pesticide. A pesticide is a substance produced to kill or repel any insectinfestation. Pests can be insects, mice, rabbits or other animals, weeds, fungi or microorganisms for example bacteria and viruses. The word pesticides covers a whole range off materials used to control insects some of which are insecticides (such as kill insects), herbicides (those kill plants/weeds) and fungicides (these ruin parasites). "The term pesticide is a all embracing word for mulch (that kill crops), insecticides (which kill bugs), fungicides (which act on fungi) and so forth." (Quote from Taylor, Green and Stout: Chemical sciences 1 & 2 page 334) The table below shows some examples of pesticides and also what they do. Pesticide What it does Pot killers Also called herbicides Insecticides Insect pest killers Fungicides Kill parasites, such as mold Acaricides Kill spiders Nematocides stink round, ribbon or eel worms Rodentcides Kill rats and mice Algicides Kill algae Miticides Kill mites Molluscicides Kill snails and slugs Growth regulators Stimulate or retard plant growth Defoliants Eliminate plant leaves Desiccants Speed plant drying Attractants Bring insects e.g. pheromones (Biochemical's accustomed to disrupt the breeding behaviour of pests) Repellents Repel pests, including insects (such as mosquitoes) and birds (Table data from: Campton's interactive encyclopaedia...

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