CREATED ON 1st March 2018

Essay on Exploring Frida

There are many professional artists which display excellent creativity. In particular, the motion picture movie Frida, which was directed by Julie Taymor, revealed the life of a creative performer called Frida Kahlo. The majority of Frida's paintings have been consequences of complications and hardships in her life. Especially In Frida, there various themes that related to her life. The 3 interesting themes which were represented in this picture to me were perseverance, sexuality, and artistic ability represented in pain. Frida encountered atypical adventures and scenarios, which made this movie quite interesting. Frida was a strong woman that persevered despite the numerous traumatic situations throughout her lifetime. The first injury scene of this movie was when she had been on a trolley with a friend. Throughout the trolley ride, the automobile crashed into a building, which harm her body. The severity of the effect crushed her body in certain areas. Frida was rushed to the hospital and when she awakened, she discovered was in a coma. Her bones were broken and it hindered her manners in walking and working like her peers and family. That injury did not prevent her from pursuing her dream. Instead of just putting in the bed impossible, she decided to draw pictures and paint them. This incident helped her to focus solely on her artwork, which lent her artwork its own strange appearance. Also she persevered through her relationship with her lover Diego Rivera, when he voiced adultery. When Diego married Frida, he knew that he couldn't be completely faithful. Frida figured that aspect out about him stuck with him. She'd in fact participate in exactly the same type of acts of infidelity, simply because she knew what Diego did. Seems like Frida took a part on the famous phrase, "If possible...

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