CREATED ON 6th February 2018

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Gene Technology Essay

The pros and cons of the Use of Gene Technology The area of gene technology is an extremely vast and mostly unknown one. Within it are many different segments of program and within these come many advantages and many disadvantages. It's a rather new field of science and as such many men and women don't know about the entire potential of the applications of gene technology, or even the possible negative consequences. This gives rise to questions such as, 'Is it right for us to play God?' One of the largest areas of application of chemical technology is in medication. The first practical use of genetic engineering was supposed to use bacteria as 'factories' to make substances that are helpful to humans. The prime example of this is insulin, in which previously it was obtained from creatures for people who had regular insulin injections. This process was costly, however, it was likewise animal insulin, so there was a high risk of side effects. With chemical technology, it is currently feasible to control bacteria to produce huge quantities of human insulin in a cheaper cost with no side effects. Another useful use in medicine is to test unborn infants for potential genetic disorders. With gene technology it's possible to rate the likelihood of an unborn child being born with or creating a disorder that would seriously impact their lifestyle. With this information, parents have the choice of keeping the baby or not, to spare it from a badly diminished or shortened life. An exciting and likely prospect in medication is gene therapy, which has been tested now. This would allow doctors to heal a disorder that was a result of a.. .

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