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Essay about Never Be a Bully

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Lousy never did fit in magical high school. So far as Lousy new, everyone had a bunch of friends but her. She always just hide in her own skin however they all found her no matter how far she tried to conceal herself. Every were she turned there was another individual looking at her laughing. Lousy would only stare at them with a shy look and wondered why they always did this to her. She didn't even understand any of them. She never new a single name in her high school and here is why. Lousy's worst nightmare was when her parents told her she will be moving to Franktown. Where many of there family lived for many decades, but her parents had decided to move out there when they were having a youngster and now they have no home so there going to go live with there grandma. The one thing her parents told her that frightened her most is that she is not likely to be home schooled anymore. She had been going to need to visit the magic school, and also be together with lot's of new people she had never done before. She got all unpacked at her grandma's house and she talked to all her loved ones she had never meant before. She had been alive for sixteen years a nobody said that she had any other family besides her parents. She was very scared with the new changes she had to go bankrupt. She mostly stayed in her area for the first week of this move, then her mom came into her room and told Lousy was going to go shopping for school stuff and that she was going to need to go to school tomorrow. They got a lot of different things for school that made Lousy feel just a little bit better about going to college. She got home and decided to find a pick flowery top out and her new sparkled trousers out for college tomorrow and move right for her bed and cover her.

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