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the devil and daniel webster Essay

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Intro The story I'd read was the Devil and Daniel Webster that it was written by Stephen Vincent Ben'et. This story is much alike most of his other stories discussing what it means to be a American. Also this story is just one of the most famous tales it combines folk-lore and background also it has been made into a drama and thus to be coming from a movie. Story Summary In this story it begins speaking about a character named Daniel Webster, that was from Marshfield, but, after the story starts to unravel and they start talking about a character named Jabez stone. Jabez Stone has been from Cross Corners, which makes both Webster and Stone out of New Hampshire. As you read you find that Jabez has had the worst luck whenever he had been to develop corn they'd get borer. When he had to get horses he it'd get spavins then trade it in to get one that had staggers. Also say that the neighbors had rocks in their soil he'd have boulders fortune wasn't about Jabezs side. So 1 day as Jabez is, he struck his plowshare onto a boulder. This is the last straw for Jabez and he says, "I vow it is enough to make a man wish to sell his soul to the devil! And that I would, also, for two cents!" Soon after this he felt a chill run through his entire body being a New Hampshireman he wouldn't take it back. After that night a guy pulled up at a nice buggy and went to the door and inquired for Jabez Stone he advised the family that it was a lawyer but, at heart that he knew who it was. Then they start to talk he asked his name he responds with I've a great deal of titles but you can call me Scratch. Then they shortly talk about the contract and Jabez sells his soul that the dark guy took out a glistening silver pin and made him sign his name in blood. Then things began to go easily for him his horses were wholesome, his cows got obese, and his plants were the talk of the neighborhood. The guy stopped by a year a day to discuss the mortgage and Stone stated I beginning to have doubts afterward Scratch takes the contract out to remind him. Since he took the contract out there was a moth that talked to him that it was the voice of mister Stevens. Embarrassed the darkened guy says that he should truly be in the collecting box he then slips up in a sense and states somebody like Daniel Webster needs a special made box. They make a bargain Jabez and Scratch they've a 4-year expansion. Stone did not realize.

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