CREATED ON 1st February 2018

William Blake's The Chimney-Sweeper, Holy Thursday (Innocence) and Also London

Compare and Contrast William Blake's '' The Chimney-Sweeper, Holy Thursday (Innocence) and London that I am going to compare and contrast three of William Blake poems, in which he reveals his feelings about how that people treat kids: The Chimney-Sweeper, Holy Thursday (Innocence) and also London. The Chimney-Sweeper is about a child who sweeps chimneys. William Blake sets this poem in the winter. The kids worked in the cold. Blake states, "A little black thing among the snow," "The small dark thing," Is your child who is filthy out of cleaning the chimneys who stands outside from the snow. He also looks like a black mask on the landscape. Like a dirty stain. "Crying weep, weep in the notes of woe!" Blake hears them crying a song. As children do when they're unhappy, the notes of woe are notes of extreme sadness. "Which are both father and mother? Say? They are both gone up to the church to beg" this seems as if someone is requesting the boy questions and he answers. The child's parents are now missing. They don't know where their parent, that they might be praying at church. The church back then was in possession of a good deal of property, construction and laid down direct lives for people's life styles. It also seems like the church supports the parents and doesn't consider that they have done anything wrong. The parents are sending the children to work at first age, also in dangerous conditions (chimneys). In the second magician William Blake talks about the child as a happy child, but because he's been take up the chimneys he is aware of the hazards of his new occupation hence "cloths of passing," he is now a different individual. His new job has changed his life, and that he lives his life wondering when now he will die a chimney up. It has robbed him of a lif...

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