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CREATED ON 31st January 2018

Article on Janie's Self-Discovery

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston is really about a young woman that's lost in her own world. She longs to be a part of something and to have "a excellent journey to the horizons searching for individuals" (85). Janie Crawford's trip into the horizon is told as a story to her best friend Phoebe. She encounters three marriages and three communities which "represent progressively wide circles of expertise and opportunities for expression of private choice" (Crabtree). Their Eyes Were Watching God is an important fiction piece that investigates relationships throughout black communities and families. In addition, it examines different issues like, sex and class and these issues bring forth the theme of the voice. In Janie's attempt to locate herself, she grows into a stronger woman through three unions. Janie's first discovery about herself comes after she is a child. She's around age six when she realizes that she is colored. Janie's confusion regarding her race is based on the reasoning that all her peers as well as the children she grows up with are white. Janie and her Nanny reside in the back of these white folks that her Nanny works for. When Janie doesn't recognize herself about the film that is shot by a photographer, the others find it humorous and yells, leaving Janie feeling ashamed. This racial discovery is not "social prejudice or private meanness but ideology" (Cooke 140). Janie is often teased at school since she resides with all the white people and dresses better than another colored kids. Although the children that tease her were all coloured, this begins Janie's experience to racial discrimination. Janie grows up quicker than her Nanny hopes when she grabs "Johnny Taylor lacerating her Janie using a kiss" (11). Nanny wants...

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