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The Core Teachings of Impermanence and How We Respond to Change Essay

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The Core Teachings of Impermanence and How We Respond to Change "Impermanent, subject to change, are part matters. Strive on with heedfulness!" This was the final admonition of the Buddha Gotama for his disciples. (Piyadassi Thera) Siddhatta Gotama who is also known as "Buddha," was the founder of Buddhism. "Buddha" is a general expression for someone who has attained enlightenment. At age 35, Siddhatta Gotama had attained his enlightenment through meditation under a Bodhi tree. Throughout the years after becoming enlightened, Buddha had spent the remainder of his life instruction. Among the teachings was all about the Triple Gems. Buddhists think they have to 'take refuge' in the Triple Gems. These triple stones include: the Buddha, the dharma, and the Sangha. These three gems are regarded as a path to enlightenment. Furthermore, "As they progress along the path to enlightenment, they try to be more compassionate, more generous, more isolated from desire and hatred, more focused emotionally, more pure of thoughts, and more spiritually wise." (Oxtoby, 377) In another paragraph, I'll be describing the second gem that is Dharma. The Second Gem of the Triple Gems is Dharma. "Dharma" which is also called Dhamma in Pali, is a Sanskrit term that is referred to this teaching or truth concerning the ultimate nature of all things. Additionally, Dharma includes three attributes of existence, that are all suffering, impermanence, and 'no-soul'. These three marks of reality or existence were the dimensions of change that Buddha saw on the planet. The first attribute is distress (Duhkha) which contains all parts of the first noble truth. The First Noble Truth was the Noble Truth of Suffering, that had happened at Buddha's first sermon about suff...

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