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Essay about Differences Between Sparta and Athens in Ancient Greece

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The ancient civilization of Greece contained many distinct city-states; 2 of these city-states were both Sparta and Athens. Sparta and Athens were different in their values, politics, and societies. Sparta was concentrated on their army, discipline, and also to get a strong state. Athens was a democratic country that was calm and where girls were open to civilization and democracy. How can both of these city-states differ? Sparta and Athens were formed in two different ways. Sparta was four small villages in Southwestern Peloponnesus that became unified into a single polis. They conquered two neighboring regions known as Laconia and Hessenia. These people were then made to work in Sparta. Athens had created a unified polis on the peninsula of Attica. The Lonians settled Attica and the unification came gradually and peacefully. The most important focus of Sparta was their army. They turned into a military state to guarantee control over their conquered helots. From the very first day that the Spartan child was born he or she had been analyzed to make sure that they were healthy. It was important for the boys to become healthy so that they can grow to become strong healthy soldiers, and for everybody to become healthy citizens. When the Spartan boys attained the age of seven they had been taken and taught to read, write, and to be disciplined. They didn't come out of the army until they were 60. In Document A the statue represents the Spartan soldier and army was everything to the Spartans. Athens did not concentrate on their military as significantly as Sparta failed, but they did have an army of hoplites. They compensated for their military support, and the military was open to each class. They fought only when it had been expired and necessary for the city, as it was the duty of all of the taxpayers t.. .

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