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Essay about Downfall Of Macbeth

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The tragic downfall of Macbeth wasn't determined by a single cause. It was rather brought on by a mix of three shadowy forces: unnatural, external, and internal. Supernatural forces are represented by the three witches and dark powers behind them. Lady Macbeth is an external force that pushes Macbeth towards the bloody deeds. Macbeth's own vision acts as deciding power in devoting him to his downfall. The start of the play indicates that dark supernatural forces will be demanded. Three weird sisters are preparing a surprise for Macbeth, surprise which will eventually cost him life and the salvation of his soul. Witches' predictions play very significant part in leading Macbeth into the wicked deeds. Witches would be the first to unleash Macbeth's "black and deep desires" by promising him crown in the near future. They trick Macbeth making him believe that he was fated to be king by promising him the title of thane of Cawdor and fulfilling this promise. Following this almost impossible prediction becomes true Macbeth decides he must become king also. His imperial dreams and ambition begin to take more than his good side. He's convinced that "Two truths were told/As happy prologues to the swelling act/Of the imperial theme." The shadowy forces "win him honest trifles to betray in deepest consequence." Not only they create Macbeth considering murdering Duncan; they also bring him to the choice to kill Banquo and his son saying that Banquo's children will be kings. Throughout the entire play dark supernatural forces fool and trick Macbeth. In Act IV that the apparitions playing with words convince him to continue to walk along the bloody path by advising him to become "bloody, bold, and resolute" and to "have no fear." These predictions give Macbeth confidence to murder more victims, so that he has got no hope left for retaining any virtues and opportunity of treatment. Following the witches awaken Macbeth's desires of becoming king, his wife begins to push Macbeth towards the true act of killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth believes she knows exactly what Macbeth desires - becoming a king - and decides that she has to force her husband to do what he'd never do with her support - to kill Duncan. She actually tries to gain much for herself and never mentions that she wants to be queen. She needs Macbeth.

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