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Composing on Researching The Anglo-Saxon Hero

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What's a hero? Perhaps it should be rephrased: who's a hero? Needless to say, it now becomes easy to respond -- we could say Odysseus, as he didn't just assist in the success at Troy, but battled the gods with his longing for his home; or Beowulf, who fought of the terrible monsters in Hrothgar's kingdom as well as his own; he or Byrhtnoth, who died while protecting the territory he loved. Clearly, it is easy to record off the heroes in those ancient poems. However, how come this is so, why do we so easily identify personalities without consciously recognizing that the clues that direct us to those decisions? While this question may stay unanswerable without comprehending psychology, it's still possible to understand what constitutes a hero sign up -- his set of attributes that instantly give away his identity. In this way, it becomes important to discuss two types of heroes introduced -- mythological heroes, including characters such as Sigurd along with Beowulf, and sensible personalities, such as characters such as Byrhtnoth. In literary works like Beowulf, The Saga of the Volsungs, and The Battle of Maldon, we can observe that while realistic personalities are portrayed in a more positive light, both realistic and mythological heroes have dark, sinister qualities that audiences can identify with, that is how personalities are associated with heroism. Mythological heroes are exceptional as they can perform feats unattainable by ordinary humans, only for practical reasons. Beowulf, the fundamental character in the epic poem Beowulf, clearly classifies as a mythological hero since he's fighting mythical monsters -- Grendel is "the brutish demon who lived in darkness" (Beowulf, p. 76), Grendel's mom is "a creature of a female" (p. 105), and obviously, a dragon cannot be a real...

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