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The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Essay examples

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The City-state of Rome became a republic in 509 BC. Rome fought numerous battles to become that which it was at its height. Everything began with the Punic wars. Once they won, there was no stopping them. From the first century BC, Rome commanded most of the known world. (Mahoney, 2001). With Augustus Caesar started the two generations of the Pax Romana. During this period all Rome became a collection of states rather than conquered states. The only real threats that ever came were out of the unorganized barbarian tribes who's conquest brought nothing to the Empire. (Mahoney, 2001) The development of the Roman Empire had lots of contributors. These factors would include strength in the army, leadership, society, spiritual, and architectural facets of the Roman Empire. The Roman army was the biggest of this group though. The army was initially only intended to defend the city of Rome but later put out to conquer. The military was first caught of volunteers but later since they conquered new lands, the people of these lands were drafted into the army. Not only did they have to defend the land they had but they also had to safeguard the recently conquered land from revolt or invasion. (Mahoney, 2001). Roman society was also well arranged. The folks were divided into two classes: slaves and citizens. The taxpayers had many different positions, and had special rights that non-citizens didn't. By allowing the citizens to have rights, like voting for instance, they had a sense of belonging, which in turn helped them to stand behind their country. Without the support of the taxpayers the empire could have never reached the height that it did. (Mahoney, 2001) 1 The second most significant factor in the increase of the empire has been its leaders. Besides Julius Caesar that...

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