CREATED ON 27th November 2017

Hydrogen Energy may be the Next Giant in Alternate Energy Essay

Hydrogen Energy may be the Next Giant in Alternate Energy Hydrogen economy can be an alternative way to obtain fuel and energy that will not damage the surroundings. Fossil fuels which may be the fuel utilized by many countries is harming the earth and needs to be switched to a much better alternative, like the hydrogen economy. Though it is not found in many places it could substitute fossil fuels and present recyclable substances back again to the culture that uses them. This choice economy helps prevent the destruction and will no injury to the surrounding environments. With this change it would be simple to make hydrogen because all you need is electricity and water. Hydrogen Economy is a safe and efficient alternative way to obtain energy that we may use rather than our traditional fossil fuel economy. A Fossil gas economy is the overall economy most countries in the global globe are tied down as well. The fuel because of this economy is petroleum, which contain gasoline and diesel products. As everybody knows petroleum is bad for our environment since it creates three huge problems. The first issue is air pollution; that is a problem because automobiles cannot break the gasoline into pure recyclable chemicals so some toxics are remaining by it. The most typical harmful substances that it produces are: 1 Carbon monoxide- a poisonous gas 2 Nitrogen oxides- main way to obtain urban smoke 3 Unburned hydrocarbons- cause urban ozone (Brain, 2006) Hydrogen Economy 3 Figure 1: Oil recovery crew clearing up an oil spill in Australia (Marine Environment Protection, 1999) The next problem is environmental pollution, this pollution occurs when transporting and storing the petroleum. The nagging issues that may appear are oil spills, which occur frequently, or a pipeline explosion as the oil...

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