CREATED ON 25th November 2017

The Use of Corporal Punishment in Schools Essay

Abstract Recently, since the importance of education is increasing, corporal punishment turned into popular issue on the world since there's no appropriate response about" Should corporal punishment be for discipline?" As demonstrated by a history of corporal punishment of Wikipedia, the practice was listed as early as forecast 10th Century BC at Míshlê Shlomoh. Even though corporal punishment is not correct way for discipline such as people usually think, the way the punishment has been used so far or ? Introduction On a student's mobile phone, a teacher is caught hitting students with a thick rod. He continually hits everywhere from, the students' hips to the head, harshly with no doubt. This movie is posted to the public sharing website called "Youtube" by a student on the Internet. According to the other pupils in class , they had been punished since they skipped class once the school inspectors arrived. Each of the individuals who looked at it on the Internet were shocked to see this kind of behavior. Recently, people have heard a lot on the media about punishment by teachers in school. For example, According to a new report by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union, "nearly a quarter of a million children were subjected to corporal punishment in public schools in the U.S"(Corporal Punishment in U.S school by Stephey) or like this happening in Korea. Also, some people may say that the teacher using some power for discipline is proper means, claiming it is a part of education to correct a student's wrong attitude. However, contrary to this opinion, I disagree with corporal punishment because physical punishment brings only temporary effects in correcting student's behavior. In addition, it may humiliate a student by insulting his or her...

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