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Cosmetic Testing in People Statistics

Every individual takes about half a dozen faulty genes which could become detrimental in the future. With the modern technology, it is now easier to locate these faulty genes through genetic testing. Genetic testing is the diagnoses or screening of a people DNA sequence so as to assess health risks, trace ancestry, and prevent passing on illnesses to offspring. Genetic testing can provide information about individuals' genes during their life but is a complex process that has many uses and benefits yet sparks contentious issues. Genetic testing has diverse functions and has a very long history which has strongly developed over many decades. Genetic tests can be done prenatally, at birth, through a individual's life and can diagnose someone prior to or during symptoms. Genetic tests can detect genetic changes that are obtained over an individual's life, and may diagnose a condition, assess the expression of the disease, guide gene treatment, and prognosis. These tests can also identify someone's family genetics to check for carriers, and find out if an individual carries a gene for a disease which may be passed to their offspring (Michael S. Watson). Even though someone has a gene for a disease, it is not always known for certain whether or not the disease will be passed or obtained to offspring whilst sometimes other aspects such as a persons lifestyle or environment are more important. The technology started in the late 1950s and early 1960s when disorders with extra or missing chromosomes were uncovered. Soon genetic tests were provided clinically and also the first biochemical tests for hereditary conditions were being detected (Michael S. Watson). Then In 1995, the UK developed the worlds first nationwide DNA database...

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