CREATED ON 25th November 2017

Essay The Arctic Costal Plain Domestic Energy Security Act of 2001

The Arctic Costal Plain Domestic Energy Security Act of 2001 There are many bills which are passed although the House of Representatives everyday. There are many government agencies and interests groups which are behind the invoices that either support them or are contrary to them. The bill that I have selected is the Arctic Costal Plain Domestic Energy Security Act of 2001. Now and place I believe this bill is one of the main bills that has to be passedout. Congress has found the country's domestic oil and gas production is at a considerable decrease and our dependence on foreign counties is unreliable. America currently spends over $100,000,000,000 per year for overseas energy. Within the next decade, the entire world production of conventional oil is anticipated to peak and then enter a decline phase that will increase the cost of imported oil and the value of domestic oil. The Middle East has been a highly volatile region of the world, upon which the United States can't continue to grow more dependent for its energy. It is a major problem facing our society now and it's a problem that must be uncertainty with today on account of the long lead time of 10 or more year necessary for development of a new North Slope field in addition to the new problems that the United States is confronting with terrorist from the Middle East. There have been many important fields which were discovered underlining the State lands adjacent to the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, making it a guarantee area. The Arctic Coastal Plain Domestic Energy Security Act of 2001 was introduced into the House of Representatives on January 3, 2001. This bill was put into position to set up and implement a competitive oil and gas leasing plan that wi...

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