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Educating Techniques Essay

Continuity and development, in the context of education, check with the ways in which students' understanding builds and develops throughout their time at School. Cohen et al. (2010, pag 134) defines continuity as "an important educational principle, asserting that the curriculum that is planned should build on prior curricular experiences that the students have experienced." This requires the teacher to estimate where the student is in intellectual advancement, knowledge, skills, organisation and therefore, in order that subsequent plan can elongate the pupil instead of rendering the learning boring or hopeless. Planning for continuity requires to understand previously what students have already done, thus during teaching practice one, preparation for continuity was achieved after some time getting information concerning the pupils and, some meetings with the mentor, where students' previous knowledge and abilities were discussed. Experiences that kids have about different educational alterations and in their own family lives influence children and their capability to adjust and to understand. There are two main transitions that have to be bridged in order to promote continuity, these are: firstly, from kindergarten to primary school, and secondly, the transition from primary school to secondary school. Continuity is generally promoted by developing a program that states the general objectives and that's planned for program coherence in line with the knowledge of how each individual student learns. However, in the context of Spanish language subject in the college, where pupils are put in ability groups, and they begin learning Spanish just after the transition from primary to secondary school, continuity can be accomplished easily by just using distinguished strategies that a.. .

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