CREATED ON 24th November 2017

The Polar Bear Essay

Survival of the fittest functions to be authentic in all walks of society. When drawing attention to the animals on top of the food chain, it is important to analyze what sets them apart from the rest. What is the advantage they have on the rivals? What are their weaknesses? The creatures that occupy the artic regions have learned to survive the furry of Mother Nature, but nevertheless has to compete for survival with all the top predator of the artic, the polar bear. Polar bears occupy the circumpolar arctic regions. They reside near their main food source in the ice packs of the artic. The bears inhabit the circumpolar North, which would consist of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and other regions in the artic. The temperatures range between -40°F to -50°F from the winters and summer temperatures stay around -29°F. When summertime reaches on the artic that the polar bears are made to go to the remaining ice. They have adapted to survive in their climate, the violence and weather being their sole competitors. They've developed extraordinary capabilities for hunting. To be able to hunt from the artic areas, polar bears have succeeded in adapting to their place. They have developed a sizable olfactory bulb (Region of the mind that senses smell), which allows them to odor seals almost a kilometer off along with a meter under compressed snow. Polar bears weigh 544kg, and could kill just about any creature having a swipe of a paw. Their paws step around 31 centimeters around and so are purposed to help disperse weight when walking on the ice. Their paws assist them keep jarring strikes on marine creatures, and overcome the obstacle of thin icehockey. Polar bears are also known as the "Sea Bear", because of their enormous swimming skills. While in the water the...

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The abolitionist movement installed about in the 19th 100 years was a activity to totally free black slaves. The people in the motion consisted of the two back, cost-free and not totally free, and white individuals. Although both competitions were involved in the moment there are many instances where race and sexuality would distinct the two. If it was for the methods to end slavery or what will transpire after it truly is abolished. Not merely were there differences between events..
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