CREATED ON 24th November 2017

Essay on The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Pornography

Dating back all of the way into the 1980's, before the world wide web, porn was still an extremely popular and easily available phenomenon sweeping the country. Many groups have attempted to shut down the entire institution for the stigma it's of being really distasteful and disgusting. These groups, including feminists, religious classes, and even the Reagan government, for years, have been working toward laws to outlaw pornography. (Suderman) What they do not understand is they're in reality trying to get rid of a safe and creative sexual outlet for a lot of people. Pornography can be described very differently from person to person. Most people would say that it's simply words, movies, or videos they find sexually explicit. In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart said "I can not define pornography, but I know it when I see it". ("Pornography and Obscenetity"). Pornography allows people to explore their dreams in the privacy of their own residence, it allows them a safer choice in most situations, and sometimes it can even be utilized as a means to educate people. Pornography can be found ranging anywhere from simple and traditional sexual experiences all the way to people playing out a few of the more vague and wild sexual fantasies. This enables people to explore wild sexual fantasies in the privacy of their house. "Internet porn has become so popular partly because it delivers a level of anonymity not available before." ("Intro to internet Pornography: Opposing Viewpoints") By the solitude of a person's own computer, there is access to an infinite data base of any pornography possible reachable by logging to the internet. Some people even find it to be exciting to post their very own "amateur" porn, while it's in the kind of e.. .

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