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Jacob and Arminianism Essay

INTRODUCTION Throughout church history, John Calvin was considered to be among the greatest reformed theologians the world has ever seen. He's known for his perspective God's election and salvation. Known as Calvin's challenger throughout all theological history, Jacob Arminius taught another view of election, generally coined as Arminianism. After Calvinism had taken catch of the reformed circles, Arminianism rose consequently after. Jacob Arminius had difficulty dealing with many problems that Calvin had put forward in his argument for God's grace ad election. He believed that Calvin's view, afterwards understood was the "Five Points of Calvinism" (TULIP) was insufficient in describing the relationship of man, God, and grace in terms of salvation. To some, Jacob Arminius is regarded as a heretic. Stern supporters of Calvin will say that Arminianism entirely removes God's sovereignty in the film. But to Jacob Arminius's defense, Arminianism has been meant to shield Calvinistic predestination from heretical teaching. But, instead of reforming Calvinism, he is considered to be the chief antagonist of Calvinism in theological history. ARMINIUS AND PREDESTINATION Jacob Arminius (the Latin translation of Jakob Hermanszoon) was created following John Calvin had published his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Many modern thinkers think that Arminius and Calvin were contemporaneous with one another. However, it is highly doubtful that the two theologians ever fulfilled. Arminius was born from the Netherlands, also at a very young age, both his parents died, leaving him an orphan. He also attended the Geneva Academy and studied theology. He later accepted a teaching position in the University of Leiden. However, he was soon accused...

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