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The American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War Ever since the start of America there were consequential events that resulted in the American Civil War. Through history, there was much controversy over whether this war was or wasn't unavoidable. Upon looking back to the chronicles of the longtime conflict between the North and the South, one can observe the American Civil War was undeniably inevitable. 1 major contributor of annoyance between North and South was the belief in Manifest Destiny. In 1844, Texas was a leading issue in the presidential campaign. The foes of expansion compared annexation, while southerners cried "Texas or Disunion." Most "conscience Whigs" feared that Texas in the Union would add to the slave power. Therefore, President Tyler ordered for annexation with a joint settlement. Following the war with Mexico, the United States acquired a huge expanse of land. This raised the question of whether slavery should be extended to the lands. Northern antislaveryites strongly supported the Wilmot Proviso, which flatly prohibited slavery in any territory acquired in the Mexican War. Southern senators blocked the passage of this proviso continuously. This debate divide federal politics together North-South sectional lines. The next major area that was powerful in leading to the Civil War was social reform. The 2nd Great Awakening sparked a crusade to abolish slavery. Charles Grandison Finney was a prominent ministry which encouraged revivalist activity and abolitionism. By 1857, the Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians had split into southern and northern sects over the issue of slavery. In 1831, William Lloyd Garrison published the first issue of his militantly antislavery.

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