CREATED ON 23rd November 2017

Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience I have had the fantastic opportunity to be apart of a wonderful program and class at school. The majority of those who are going to become teachers understand about this course and the required 80 hours of volunteering at a middle school for a semester. I was excited to volunteer, since I have expertise in working with middle school kids. The school I work for, has prepared me to handle school aged kids, so that I was relying on my background to carry me the semester in a new Middle school. The rights of a private school are much different in the inner city school. As soon as I started to volunteer at Baker I had been shocked to discover that the pupils were not allowed to take books home to finish their school work. When it came time to read a book the teacher would distribute the publications to the students, but then recollect them later. At Denver Academy, the educators purchase and distribute the publications to the class and the pupils get to keep the books forever. I was about to discover how difficult it is for those students to be motivated to attend college everyday when these children are lacking a steady atmosphere. I was leaving my comfort zone to input a totally different type of school atmosphere. The first day of my offering in Baker middle school was full of apprehension, because I was entering a totally new scenario and leaving the protection of Denver Academy behind. As I walked into the classroom, it was as if there had been a hundred eyes staring at my direction. As quickly as the stares arrived, they went away as if I was not even there anymore. I could just imagine what sort of thoughts and queries were going through their heads. I’m sure the first question is why...

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