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Religion's Influence on the Slavery Debates Essay

Slavery was a prominent part of the political and social arenas of 1800's America. However, it wasn't homogenous as it split America into two different groups: people who supported it and people who did not. Traditionally, the states in the north were anti-slavery while the nations in the south were pro-slavery. Southern economy and life depended on slavery and therefore staunchly supported the continued legal status of captivity. The northern countries on the other hand recognized the inhumane nature of slavery and campaigned to establish equality for all taxpayers. To be able to establish good reasoning for their stance, both pro-slave and anti-slave groups turned into theological inspiration for their activities. The Bible inspired both pro-slavery urges and anti-slavery abolitionists alike. Religion was used to be able to justify slavery and to condemn it. "The best to have a servant implies that the right in some one to earn a servant; that right must be mutual and equal, and this would deceive society into a state of perpetual war" Senator William Steward, an anti-slavery supporter, issued this claim in his "There is a Higher Law than the Constitution" speech. Steward, such as all abolitionist, viewed all of man as equals. This equality came from the "higher law" that is the Bible. Since all men were made by God then all men were equals in God's eyes. Abolitionist thought that whites had no more appropriate to make a servant from a African American compared to the African American had to make a slave from a white man. In comparison to what the Bible told them, abolitionist knew that every man represented among God's creations and men were part of God's plan. If slavery was permitted to exist, then man was interrupting God's de...

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