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Foreign Assist is Employed for Illegal Activities Essay

Foreign aid is a form of funding which helps support many countries in good need. Other titles for this phrase are foreign assistance, financial aid, and international aid. There are many ways a state can get help. 1 way is a country donating money to the recipient country. This is the most known kind of aid, but the other kinds of aid can include tents, food, and weapons. When overseas aid is used on illegal activities, it not only impacts one particular nation's economy. A nation does not only just have too little aid coming into a certain sector. The result is significantly greater and powerful. When seeing through an economist's eyes, it will become much clearer how illegal activities impact the economic development of the whole world. Though taking money for an illegal action looks small, there is a consequence, whether positive or negative, for this. "A pebble tossed out of a shore can turn into a tsunami on the opposite side of the world." -Continuum Foreign Aid: What is it? Foreign aid, also called overseas and international aid, is a transfer of funds from one nation to another. Major reasons for giving aid are to encourage humanitarianism and altruism. Some reasons a nation may offer foreign aid are strengthening a military ally, profitable a country for some behaviour, or even influencing their culture upon other overseas nations. 1 great reason is that countries wish to cease foreign illegal action because they've been influenced by it before or they do not wish to get influenced by it later on. Aid is generally given by individuals, private organizations, or authorities. Surprisingly, foreign aid from America is generally donated by organizations which are not tied to the authorities. A specific transfer that fits in...

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