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CREATED ON 27th April 2018

Literary Synthesis Paper - Total Institution

Following the First World War, the United States solidified its title as a world power; a nation that many others form themselves after, a country that others look up to, plus yet they look for as security. Therefore, it is to painful to think of American troops committing war crimes. War offenses, like the No Gun Ri Massacre throughout the early years of the Korean war. A Massacre that costed the lives of hundreds of Korean refugees from the hands of the Seventh Cavalry troops of the United States Army. Such events galvanize the integrity of the United States, and make us wonder who these troops at this time, and why they'd follow this kind of radical purchase. The event that transpired in Noguen-ri were tragic, but placed into question the morals of this servicemen. The features of these servicemen are based in their four decades belonging to a institute. Institutes that breed and only endure a culture that is closed. We are given to believe that these institutes constitute the formation of an institute individual, which ultimately benefits the patient and society as a whole, even though these processes for the invention of the insitute individual be detrimental too. The goal of military institutes is to create what's called “The Whole Man”, a theories that incorporates the teaching of this institute into the brain, body, and soul. From The Lords of Discipline we are introduced into this concept by Colonel Durrell during his meeting with Private Will Mclean, '' he says that,”You [Will] need to remember that the goal of the Institute is to make ‘the Whole Man.’ The Whole Man, Mr. McLean. It's a noble idea. But the guy without honor cannot be the Whole Man. He's not a man at all” (Conroy 53). General Durrell describes his ideology that the mission of this...

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