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Composing on Bookreport About The Spy Who Came

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Bookreport About The Spy Who Came The story, set during the cold war, is about a British spy, Leamas, who's controlling the secret action contrary to the east block (or "zone") in West-Berlin. After he dropped one agent after another to his rival Mundt of this counter-espionage of the "celebration", he returns back to London where he and Control (a man of high rank from the British espionage system) come up with a scheme against Mundt. Their Strategy was supposed to get Leamas into "betray" London and market advice to his rival which indirectly accused Mundt of being a London representative. They expected that a man called Fiedler, who hates and works using Mundt and is likely just waiting for a chance in this way, will catch on and together with the advice he is going to obtain from Leamas along with the advice he has already got himself will successfully accuse Mundt of desperation. To the outside it should look as if Leamas was fired due to his failures and could start to develop into an alcoholic. Then he proceeded jobbing and ended up working as a Library assistant, where he meets Liz, a young woman who is also working in the Library. The two become lovers and Leamas finds out that she is a part of the "party". Then he begins a fight using a store proprietor and ends up in jail, all of this was a part of a big plan for Fiedler to return to Leamas rather than vice versa. The plan is successful and Fiedler comes into contact with Leamas and interrogates him. He's then brought to East-Germany at which he is employed as a witness through a key trial from Mundt. Everything is powerful until the defence requires Liz upward as a witness. Leamas doesn't understand how they learned about her and also the trial fails as he, through his activities, told Liz a bit to much and as they did not tell her what the case was she couldn't, although she wished to, accuse Mundt or shield Leamas as she did not know if and what he had been accused. Leamas is then imprisoned as well as Fiedler along with Liz. During the nighttime Leamas and Liz have been now freed and brought to a car by Mundt, who informs them that he is actually a London agent and this entire thing was supposed to prevent feeling as Fiedler was getting really close to discovering his secret. He informs them that they thought it was safer if they didn't understand and he sends a man with them to help them on the wall. Since Leamas is only in addition to the wall and also stretches out a hand to help Liz up, the lights go on a.. .

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