CREATED ON 17th April 2018

Living Well In the Life Span of a Pharmacist Essay

When elementary teachers ask their students what they wish to be when they develop, they all expect to have responses for example: astronaut, firefighter, or teacher. I was obviously not your average ten year-old. I wished to become someone who helped sick folks feel better. I was trapped between a doctor and a pharmacist. Because I do not do well with blood, I still opted to be a pharmacist. Sure that a pharmacist was not as "cool" as an astronaut, but that I had a great rationale on why I wanted to develop into a pill pusher. After I was eight years old my mother passed out from a liver disease. Nobody knew she had this disorder, nobody except for her. She'd gone into the doctor and they told her everything was fine. Clearly everything was not fine. Maybe, just possibly, if the physician had given her a medicine she would have still been here today. Fast forward five decades in the future, I remember watching the Discovery Channel along with my grandparents. We were seeing a documentary on how drugs functioned in the entire body. I remember seeing commercials all of the time about how medication visit the site of pain and prevent it in the origin. According to the documentary, this was definitely not the situation. Most pain relievers affect the central nervous system, causing the pain to not reach the brain. One way you'll be able to look at it's a passing play in soccer. Pretend the soccer is that the "pain," the recipient would be the "brain," and also a defensive player is the "drug." The ball is being thrown into the receiver but, out of nowhere comes with a defensive player. The defensive player leaps and intercepts the ball. The pain never made it to the brain, so you never receive that terrible sensation. Everything about that documentary only made me wish to learn more about drugs and their consequences on the human body. .

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