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Blending Reality and Fantasy in Going After Cacciato Essay

Blending Reality and Fantasy in Going After Cacciato by O'Brien As O'Brien's third novel, Going After Cacciato is among his most acclaimed works. The book brings to the reader many chilling aspects of war while developing a connection between the reader and the narrator. After many decades, Going After Cacciato still dominates more than recent war books by providing a unique glimpse into the soldiers mind. O'Brien reflects upon his wartime experiences in Vietnam while successfully mixing fantasy and reality in a first war narrative. In the first chapter of the book, the association between the story and its title is quickly made. As the personality who encites the chase, Cacciato embarks on the apparently ludicrous trip to Paris. A boat of eighty six hundred miles on foot is not one to be taken lightly. To obtain an idea of the space that Cacciato is intending to imagine walking across the United States four times attracting only what one can carry. Paul Berlin, to whom Cacciato has divulged his travel plans, and his unit begin on a mission to retrieve Cacciato. Told from Berlin's viewpoint, the story is shown from the adventures of somebody who questions his own intent in the war. The soldiers are literally walking away in the war because they follow Cacciato through the jungles of Vietnam. Paul's journey together with others is sometimes broken up by sudden lapses into the past. Such unexpected transitions have positive and negative affects on the reader. The latter outcome is immediate; the quick topic changes include an element of confusion regarding what exactly is going on in the publication. On the other hand, the divisions also attribute to greater interest during those flashbacks as they break up the monotony of their mar.. .

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