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Albrecht Ritschl Essay Illustrations

Intro Albrecht Ritschl was among the most pivotal theologians from the history of Christianity. Since many charge him with presenting notions that led to a more liberal theology, his intentions were nevertheless honorable. Ritschl lived in a time in which Christianity was no longer considered relevant or feasible, and also his reinterpretations were an attempt to keep Christianity applicable to contemporary society. His defenses, however, frequently resulted in a corruption of doctrine and left Christianity open to attack. Thus Ritschl was a very influential theologian, however many question how favorable that influence may have been. Ritschl's Theology Ritschl's theology was greatly affected by the philosophers of his time. Immanuel Kant had declared that the brain was incapable of knowing anything greater than that which could be experienced sensorially or was past ordered reason and logic. In the same way, Ritschl was affected from the Tübingen school of theology, which he came to firmly oppose. Tübingen theology was extremely doubtful about Christianity, however also encouraged mysticism. Further, the school disregarded church history.1 Hence Ritschl's theology will require a less intense approach. He would reject mysticism on the grounds that theology has to be firmly rooted in fact, particularly moral and moral realities. On this foundation he also rejected natural theology.2 Ritschl's theology agreed with Kant's doctrine to some extent. He concurred that the mind was limited to its own experiences, but thought it could comprehend moral issues as they affected the person.3 Thus that which was decreased to judgements of fact or value. Truth judgements could be proven , but value judgements might not. Thus value judgements were abandoned...

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