CREATED ON 15th April 2018

Essay on Child Sex Trafficking

When some people today hear the expression "child sex trafficking" inevitably unspeakable thoughts come to mind , others are unaware that this is occurring. Sex trafficking is a serious criminal issue happening inside the borders of the USA, but on the outside of those boarders this crime stands as a reliable source of earnings for those who participate. Though child sex trafficking is a neighborhood crime it's obvious that multiple nations have various viewpoints on the topic. The issue at hand is assembly in the middle where this scenario can exist without producing a riot with residents and eliminating the destruction of young children's lives. Though this topic is a sensitive individual, there are ways to let it coexist in everyday life by simply restrain the supply and demand aspect of it and also the source of revenue. Desperate times call for desperate measures and occasionally coming by some excess cash is almost impossible. With sex trafficking being viewed as such a horrible crime it is not surprising it's kept in the dark. To small revelation this act is a trusted source of income for people who participate. Amanda Walker-Rodriguez and Rodney Hill, assistant state's attorneys, conducted a report on human sex trafficking and concluded that it is "Big Business". It's the fastest-growing business of organized crime and the third-largest criminal business in the world (Walker-Rodriguez & Hill, 2011). It may be known that when someone needs money desperately they will do anything to get it, however there needs to be bounds when it comes to selling children for sex and keeping in mind that this can be a crime. When looking at the "Big Business" facet of child sex trafficking it isn't hard to ignore the consequences and just...

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