CREATED ON 15th April 2018

Bone Dreams by Seamus Heaney Essay

Bone yells by Seamus Heaney -- An Analysis Bone Dreams is an obscure and difficult poem to comprehend. In all my searching on the web, I found very little to aid me in my own analysis of this poem and so that the ideas are essentially my own. I might be wide of the mark, but for anyone struggling to understand the poem, it might at least offer you a few ideas of your own. I make no apology for asking questions or for sounding vague or maybe muddled in places. I hope that this article consists of help to someone, somewhere. The poem starts in a thoughtful mood; the voice is more relaxed, "White bone found/on that the grazing" indicating that the speaker is still walking into the countryside once he finds a piece of bone at the pot. He uses tactile imagery to describe his uncover, the bone is "demanding, porous" and has "the speech of touch". This image would be strong if not for the mildness of the speech, which communicates a musing caliber in its own passivity, for instance, "found" and "grazing" - those words have nothing of a hurry about them and suggest a peacefulness of mind in the opening stanzas. He proceeds to explain the bit of bone, making comparisons with a "ship-burial" and notes that the beliefs in the bud as "yellowing, ribbed". The word "ribbed" is suggestive, using its subject matter of bone, to a rib-cage. The bone takes on a meaning that's greater than its intrinsic value -- that is nothing -- since the speaker participates it with treasure; it is, "flint-find", a "nugget of chalk", the word nugget being quite frequently associated with gold, and consequently he says it's a value in itself. "Flint" indicates history, a hyperlink into the stone-age and the find is, in actuality, described as being, "as lifeless as rock". So here ...

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