CREATED ON 15th April 2018

Wedding Reception Speech -- Greatest Man

Wedding Reception Speech -- Best Man Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you'll all agree it has been a fantastic day up to now, but unfortunately for every silver lining there's a cloud, and I am yours. For those of you who have not purchased me a drink however, I am Simon and I have been sentenced to being Randy's best man today. It is said that being asked to be best man is among the best honours it's possible to be awarded, on the other hand it is also among the most dreadful things you can do to your friend, so thank you Randy. Seeing as though this is my first time being best man, I was a little concerned as to how long the speech should last so I asked around and the general consensus was that it ought to move on for about as long as it takes the groom to perform his manly duties in the bedroom. So with this ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, you've been a fantastic audience !! . [sit down temporarily] Thanks Seriously though and what's more, I'd like to start off by congratulating the happy couple. I am confident you'll all agree what a great couple they make. Marriage asks that couples take each other for better or worse and Randy, you truly could not have done any better. And Judy,. I suppose it could be worse! I'd also like to replicate Randys comments and thank everybody again in their behalf for coming and sharing their special day, particularly the ones that have travelled long distances. I understand how hard i.. .

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