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Miller's Tension at Act I of The Crucible Essays

Miller's Tension at Act I of The Crucible The anti-Communist hysteria during the 1950's led to some mass persecution of people associated with Communism. Post WW2 America was a country if dread and suspicion because of the about going cold war with Russia, anybody one remotely linked to a known communist could be persecuted, this sparked a fear that Russia would take over the world. At that time a playwright, Arthur Miller could not express his feelings because of society's powerful support for McCarthyism. So Arthur Miller wrote a play about the Salem witch-hunts throughout 16th century America. Miller had to be subtle in the way he expressed his feelings regarding the political movement McCarthyism, so he used the play like an allegory. This drama uses the Salem witch-hunt, due to the similarities at the unsupported accusations, and how people were encouraged to denounce their friends and family if they were known witches otherwise they are portrayed as witches. The Salem witch-hunt has been a lot more savage and the behavior of the folks was anthropomorphic, together with the "witches" being burned to the stake, with just people's accusations as evidence. Salem has been a theocracy and church has been thought of as the most important part of life. Miller had to recontextualize the story, to make sure that the society did not make accusations towards him. The first words spoken being "My Betty be hearty shortly?" The title 'The Crucible' is right since a crucible is a container in which metals are purified following heat. It reflects how Proctor was heated by his own ordeal and came back through to die, his conscience clear, so purified. The irony of this play is that...

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Circumstance SummaryIBM, founded in 1911, situated in New York, transformed over a period of regarding one hundred years from an international, multi-national, to a global bundled enterprise. In 2008, IBM shifted it is focus to define and develop market leaders for a global economy. This effort included making the globally integrated enterprise relevant to all workers through IBM values, culture, and global citizenship. The aim was to guarantee IBM could compete worldwide...
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