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Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell Essay

Blood Brothers Blood Brothers is a story of a pair of twins that are separated at birth. They are brought up in totally different ways and this can be revealed through the characters register, body language and reactions to each other. They narrative is told by several methods such as the utilization of a interventionist narrator and soliloquy in the kind of tunes by the characters. In this essay I would like to analyse a variety of practices and themes which help set this drama to the succesful status it's attained. The Play is composed by Willie Russell. Willie Russell was born just outside Liverpool at Whiston, 1947. After leaving college with one English O-level, he subsequently went on became a women hairdresser. In his spare time he would write funny songs but would never sing them in public until one night in his community pub, his friend put him up to sing, and for the first time sang a song that he wrote about the 'Kirkby Estate' where he still had his crowd in 'gales of laughter'. 'Blood Brothers' is set at a crucial time in British history. It is placed in Liverpool in the early 1980s at a time when a lot of the working class were being substituted with machines since it had been more economical. The educated individuals, though were barely changed. We visit Mrs Johnston a hard-working girl, pregnant, alone with seven kids and struggling to pay her debts. We see her 'bright and breezy', mid class employer Mrs Lyons. At first glance both girls seem different, but they both share similar problems. They both are mostly alone and have been left by their own husbands. Mrs Johnston's husband completely left her if the stress was too much, 'my husband walked out on me'. Mrs Lyons has not been completely abandoned by her husband, but however he is constantly away for extended...

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