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The 1893 World's Fair Essay examples

The 1893 World's Fair Now a World's Fair is an "[I]nternational exposition that includes displays dealing with trade, business, and mathematics." (World Book Encyclopedia 412) Entertainment is also present along with cultural activities. Back in 1893, the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, although inaugurated a year late, commemorated the discovery of America. I feel that the Exposition exhibited some of the more amazing architecture of its time; its own immense buildings and sculptures drawn heavily from Greek and other classical styles, and it might possible be due to the sweeping popularity in Beaux Arts architecture. The Peristyle, among those buildings which was assembled for the Fair, was designed by Charles B. Atwood. It had been a 'arcade of columns originally suggested by Augustus Saint Gaudens, the consultant on sculpture." (Burg 79) The Perisytle was a beautiful building that followed at the classic Greek pathway. It "has been a set of forty-eight Corinthian columns, one for each of those American States and Territories, having a massive triumphal arch in the middle. J The Peristyle itself was 500' large, its best being a extensive promenade inhabited by 85 allegorical characters in heroic scale." (Burg 119) The Greeks utilized Peristyles in their architecture. A Peristyle was placed round the Greek Parthenon. Corinthian columns were created in the Hellenic age, but they needed to wait before the Hellenistic era to reach their full development. J "They are distinguished by their elaborate capitals with dual rows of acanthus leaves and fernlike fonds rising from each nook and terminating in tiny volutes." (Fleming 32). The Greatest structure at the fair was that the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building. It placed many...

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I have experienced personal experience with drug screening in public schools. It would not benefit myself or any individual by catching me. I was forced to take two weeks of drug and tobacco classes that I learned very little out of by going to these types of classes that taught about the use of medications and smoking cigarettes. The various other thing that school did because of my failing a drug test out was that I was not able to perform sports for two weeks. This did not advantage..
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