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Essay on Chaos Theory and You

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We are living in a world which we may consider, for the most part, fairly predictable. By way of example, I can say with assurance, that when someone does not study for an examination, they will not perform as well on the exam compared to if they'd analyzed. However, what if this was not always the situation? Imagine if just had a set outcome and every possible consequence was 'fair game'? That is Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is the study of dynamic systems that are highly dependent on their initial terms (abarim). There are several systems so determined by their first conditions that even a rounding error in an equation will send it spiraling out of control -- they are considered part of this Butterfly Impact (stsci). Systems that fall under the category of Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect are all utilized to determine the behavior of a system over time. To create a model of the machine we have to know the exact initial conditions; however, when the values are even slightly off, the Butterfly Effect will occur and cause the machine to go awry. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not work in complete, or even real numbers. This makes determining the specific initial conditions hopeless. So then how can Chaos Theory utilize a principle that's entirely dependent on its initial conditions, when we cannot even ascertain said conditions? Chaos Theory itself is a rather new term, however the ideas behind it date back to the 1800s. From the 1880s, Henri Poincaré was the very first to encounter chaotic systems during his study on the three-body issue (earthlink). The three-body difficulty is the issue of taking an initial pair of data points, and then deciding their motion as time passes. At the time, this three-body difficulty was being used to plot the motion of these planets, and other celestial bodies...

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