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The Empowerment of Women through Education Essay

The Empowerment of Women through Education I am ashamed to admit I had to appear Bangladesh on a map when I found out I was accepted to the program "Development and Community in Bangladesh." Obviously, I understood very little about the country, it's history, it's market, it is political system, it is religion, and it has cultural practices. Though in the beginning this appeared to be a excellent drawback for me personally, it has provided me with a great opportunity to learn about Bangladesh and form my own comments from my encounters rather than from preconceived stereotypes. Bangladesh is situated in Asia, surrounded by India on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the other. It's on the tropic of cancer and consequently is quite lush. It is home to seven main rivers, including the Ganges, which flows to the Bay of Bengal, and just two hundred small rivers. Rivers are the most important geographical aspect of Bangladesh because it is such an agriculturally based society. They are also one of the most dangerous natural elements due to flooding in the monsoon season. Thousands of houses are destroyed each year because of flood and other all-natural disasters. There are two hilly areas: the mountains of Assam and the Chittagong Hill Tracks. Bangladesh is also home to vast rainforests, marshes, and swamps. It has six seasons: griishmo (summer), borsha (rainy), shorot (fall), hemonto (1), shiit (winter), and bosonto (spring.) Three seasons are genuinely discernable; the monsoon season, the cold season, and the hot season. The seasons are fairly self-explanatory, yet my mental image of each of those seasons was very different from truth. Coming in the mid-west of the United States I'm utilised to cold winters and relatively warm summers, wit...

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Advances in medical technology
Advances in Medical TechnologySince the 1800s medical technology as built remarkable developments. The most basic instrument for a physician, which was a field in which Doctor Frankenstein was a pioneer, is the scalpel. There have been no radical changes in the scalpel since it was first constructed. What has happened are the refinements to the tool. When Dr . Frankenstein wielded the device it was a straightforward steel knife with an ivory deal with. Although the tool was..
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