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CREATED ON 2nd April 2018

To Kill A Mockingbird The Maturing of Jem Finch Essay examples

To Kill A Mockingbird  The Maturing of Jem Finch Society is not as innocent to a kid as it might seem to be. In fact, if one actually understands the society in which he lives he is no longer a kid. That is much the same situation as found in To Kill A Mockingbird, by Leigh Harper. Even though Jem being a kid at the beginning of the novel, is immature and unaware of the society where he resides, he evolves emotionally to the point where he sees the evil in society and gains an understanding of departure. Like many children, in the start of To Kill A Mockingbird Jem and Scout are both young, play together, and have childhood monsters or anxieties such as other kids. Mostly, in To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem is young. Scout states their age as it supposedly all begins: "When I was almost six and Jem was almost ten..." (10). Here Jem is only nine years old and therefore still a moderately young kid; it's assumed he is therefore immature. Jem also spends his time playing with his five year old sister. This occurs very early in the novel: "Early 1 morning as we were starting our day's play at the rear yard, Jem and I heard something next door in Miss Rachel Haverford's collard patch." (11). As the book progresses, Jem no more plays his sister Scout, but he is doing so at this point and he would appear to anybody as one kid playing with his own sister. Lastly, Jem has childhood anxieties like most any child does. All kids have their fears or monsters. In Jem's case it I rthur Radley, commonly known as Boo: " Let us try and make him come out..." Jem said if he...

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