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Light Exposure about the Regeneration of Dugesia Dorotocephala Essay

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Subject area Biology
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Light exposure on the regeneration of Dugesia dorotocephala Introduction The objective of this experiment was to examine the impact of light exposure on the regeneration of Dugesia dorotocephala. Dorotocephala is really a species that belongs to the kingdom Animalia, class Turbellaria, order Seriata, all these worms are grouped in the suborder Tricladida according to the three main branches of the digestive tract. They are further subdivided based upon ecological habitat. They come in freshwater, marine and terrestrial types (Alvarado, Reddien). They belong to the family Planariidae and genus Dugesia. These creatures exhibit bilateral symmetry and therefore are categorized as metazoans (eumetazoans). Dugesia are present in freshwater habitats in various regions of the world. They inhabit regions in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia as well as parts of Australia. These tiny creatures tend to be elongated with a triangular head. They possess a dorsal surface coated in shades of gray, brown and black, and a ventral which is a paler shade than the dorsal side. In general they are little and soft bodied which permits them to conceal in tight spaces. They are categorized as free alive and lack a coelom, a hemal system along with a circulatory system. Because of this many of their functions rely on diffusion. Freshwater turbellarians are all benthic people of lakes, springs, ponds and streams. Their bodies are covered with cilia and they possess a syncytial epidermis. These tiny creatures lack appendages and rely upon cilia to slide over surfaces. Unlike other worms that these freshwater flatworms are unsegmented. They are acoelomates, meaning that they lack a coelom or a comprehensive gut cavity. Their presentation of bilateral symmetry was linked directly to cephaliza...

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