CREATED ON 19th March 2018

The Effects of Media Violence on Children Essay

Pretend you are a parent. You are at home and you see your kid acting in an aggressive and aggressive manner. You inquire where he picked up with this conduct. He answers, "I saw it on Television." Television violence had a role in the child's behavior. Media violence may have a lasting impression on children, teenagers and adults not only via television, but also through video games. In the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in violent behaviour in america (Merino 1). This is the consequence of vulnerability to violence. More than half of television programs and video games include some form of violence. Perez Daly states, ``'... kids are most likely to watch 8,000 murders and at least 100,000 additional acts of violence before leaving basic school at age 12 decades. `'' (1).) Exposure to media violence results in aggressive behaviour in children. With the right details regarding media violence, video games violence, and how parents can decrease aggressive behavior, folks will understand that the major effects violence may have on behaviour. Wallpaper Children become regular customers of press around two and three providing them one and an half hours a day of television (Interpersonal Media and Its Contribution to the Structure and Destruction of Values and Personality 7). This raises as time goes by. Now, on average, kids utilize between 38 to 45 hours of media weekly because of family bonding, a leisure activity for the parents, or even just because kids are tired (Daly, Perez 1). Because of the quantity of technology used, children continuously find new thoughts. When a kid learns values, then they are supposed to learn it from their own parents, schools, church, and area. Research reveals, however, that a kid spends 20 minut...

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