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CREATED ON 9th March 2018

Is Your West Imposing Its Values on Developing Nations through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights became a theory in the early 1900's so to protect the rights of human beings globally and establish a more harmonious international society. The concept was embodied in international law for the first time half a century ago (Heuer IRIN, 2006). The concept of universal norms is just one considered by western countries, and thus this idea of human rights is far from applicable in a number of other cultures. This essay will argue that even though the concept of universal human rights would be beneficial for the whole world, the notion as it stands now is fundamentally western orientated, and thus is a form of western cultural imperialism if imposed within an non-west state. This essay will start by illustrating that the source of this universal declaration of human rights is basically western, and further highlighting a few renowned human rights activist groups and NGO's which are in danger of all...

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The stocked full prisons plus the increase in medical diagnosis in mental illness, particularly personality disorders, relating to criminal activity shows that our culture and legal justice system need to reanalyze and customize psychological rehabilitation programs in order to effectively reduce and prevent offense. By examining specific areas of prisons and personality disorders, we can objectively interpret the knowledge for use in enhancing the legal justice..
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