CREATED ON 15th February 2018

Article on Opinions on Choosing Teaching Methods

Perspectives on Choosing Teaching Methods When faced with the methodological diversity, a few educators feel comfortable to embrace one particular method consonant with their particular beliefs, experiences and basic views about teaching and learning. They may become well trained in the way of teaching their subjects, and this particular method could also be well documented with loads of research evidence behind it. This is the perspective of a single method being the very best. There's another group of educators. They think that because there are so many distinct teachers, school subjects, learning levels, and students, it's impossible that one method could be appropriate to all. On the flip side, considering that each and every method has its strength and weakness, these teachers argue that the best option would be to choose various techniques for teachers and learners in different contexts. However, in the profession, you will find a growing number of teachers think that teaching is filled with contingencies that call for a response in the second that might be more instinctive than a conscious philosophical position. As a result, when asked what teaching approaches must be utilized in course, these teachers may say, “it depends.” This answer, showing the wisdom of training, has brought to light a “deep structure” issue concerning the implementation and selection of a teaching procedure, that is, too many significant factors and conclusions are beyond the control of the instructors. Since Fanselow (1987) observed that perhaps as small as tow percentage of the variance that contributes to learning could be controlled by the teacher (1987:11). Relationship between Teaching and Direction Broadly defined, a teaching approach could be recognized as comprising mainly two organically.

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