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Writer on Fitzgerald's Modern Woman of the 1920s

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America's economy boomed during the 1920's bringing with it a new method of life for everyone, especially women. New innovations like the phonograph, movies and radio all helped cultivate a new generation according to social excess. The auto afforded young people the liberty and independence to go areas and socialize more with the opposite gender than ever before. With a shifting idea of humour a few girls decide on a new fashion: the flapper. Women began to dress provocatively, listen to jazz music, smoke cigarettes, drive cars, and wear their hair in a brief bob. They became free lively and more charismatic than previously liberating themselves from the traditional female roles and so creating a new contemporary woman. However, Fitzgerald alludes to the fact that the "new girl" of the roaring twenties wasn't created a flapper. Many ladies, especially the older generation did not approve of the flapper lifestyle. Back in "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" Marjorie claims to Bernice, "I hate dainty minds, but a girl has to be dainty in man. If she looks like a million bucks she can talk about Russia, ping-pong, and also even the League of Nations and eliminate it" (Fitzgerald 35). Marjorie is telling her that a contemporary woman could get out with a sharp mind, so long as she holds on to some feminine traditions. A man still must understand he is in the business of a lady, not a friend. Back in "Head and Shoulders" Marcia says, "I do not know where it is coming from. It's around the older head today. Shoulders is out of business" (19). Currently expecting a baby, she has to rely on her mind, not shoulders or physical attributes in order to earn money. Girls will always have ties to conventional femininity, irrespective of how hard they try to differ. In "Bernice Bobs Her Hair...

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