CREATED ON 7th February 2018

Life for Black Folks After 1865 Essay

Life for Black People After 1865 The Civil war finally ended in 1865 but did lifestyle actually improve for the Blacks there afterwards? In this essay I am going to give evidence for and against to confirm whether or not life did improve. I will explore the new organisations that arose such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Freedmen's Bureau, As well as the blood and gore aspect of things. Why did they utilize such terrible techniques of murder? 1865: 13th Amendment Slavery Abolished 1868: 14th Amendment Black people became US citizens protected by the Legislation 1870: 15th Amendment Blacks were allowed to vote The Freedmen's Bureau was an organisation set up by the authorities in 1865. It organised schooling, healthcare, orphanages and discovered employment of a fair standard for ex-slaves. By 1874 universities had increased literacy skills among black folks to 20 percent. Most States took this to their advantage and used it as a excuse to restrict the rights of black individuals. In other words; if you weren't able to write and read then you were not allowed to vote! Despite this, cultivation of whites wasn't checked; this demonstrated that although the Freedmen's Bureau was set up to enhance the lifestyle of black folks the racism nonetheless continued! The Freedmen's Bureau needed to make States listen, however once the army left the south each State began to govern themselves, even composed their own rules and took no notice whatsoever of the Freedmen's Bureau. Another organisation that crept its way to the rule book was known as sharecropping. This is the system that southern landowners used to adapt to the changes brought about when slaves had freedom. Sla...

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