CREATED ON 6th February 2018

Human Rights Violations Essay

The idea of forced labor conjures up sights of people in shackles being led off to do hard labour to pay back debts. No more. The contemporary image of forced labor may be young women working long hours as indentured servants to cruel employers, or sewing long hours in sweat shops for a mere pittance of what their time is worth, or more frequently young women living in hovels and being forced to perform acts of prostitution against their will. All over the globe, young girls are the current faces of forced labor and debt bondage. Some of the girls in such cases are duped into volunteering for this type of servitude by being promised a better lifestyle with plenty of money and decent working conditions. However, most often the young women have either been stolen by their villages or sold off by their families that are poor in order to have some money to purchase essentials for other relatives. Based on Human Rights Watch, the custom of "debt bondage" one of sexual traffickers is regular, and girls often find their so-called debts just increase and may never be fully reimbursed. (Accessible: Among the worst cases of forced labour have been documented and are assessed below: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (a U.S. land) This collection of 14 islands set in the Pacific Islands contains the island of Guam. The CNMI has become a center of global human trafficking operations, with connections to the People's Republic of China, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Now there are an estimated 40,000 indentured workers in the CNMI who have been sent their later being intentionally deceived about settlement, health benefi...

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