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Great Expectations, Little Dorrit Essay

Charles Dickens used his personal experiences and perspectives to create the atmosphere in his novels, since it is observed in Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, and Bleak House. The part of the placing in each publication is to create the mood and support the figures. (Davis 350) In Dickens' books the setting helps the reader understand the time period and the issues that the people of London faced with the political and social structure in place at the time. It also gives insight into the lifestyles of those people through the complex detail. Many times in Dickens books, the setting becomes a character itself and with no story would be faulty. Dickens attention to detail is part of what makes his books so unique and original. In order to find the influence Dickens' encounters had in his novels, first one must know a bit of his history. Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens. (Kaplan 18) Throughout the majority of his childhood they dwelt in London and this is really where most of his settings come from. John Dickens had a hard time living within his means and if Charles was 12 his father was delivered to the debtors' prison, also referred to as the Marshalsea. (Kaplan 39) While John was Elizabeth and their other kids lived in the Marshalsea together with him , but Charles was sent to work in a factory to help support the family and repay his father's debt. (Kaplan 41) This time in Charles' life could always be a haunting memory for him and it influenced a lot of his stories. Following a year John's mother died, leaving him enough cash to repay his debts and he had been discharged from the Marshalsea. Even after his father's release from prison, Dickens mum made him continue to work at the mill. This time caused him to be b.. .

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