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Essay on Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

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Kingship and Authority C.S. Lewis's book, Prince Caspian, is a tale of three kings: King Miraz, Aslan, and Prince Caspian. Every one of those sins portrays the diversity between the different personas of a tribe, or boss, of a country. King Miraz for example, represents the selfishness and deceit that happens at a ruler that is too consumed by his throne. Even though Prince Caspian shows the peace, justice, and hard work that comes when the king is really concerned for the good of their subjects. Last, Aslan represents everything great about a ruler. He displays the ideal love that accompanies being a leader. Prince Caspian subconsciously uncovers the three different types of rulers; those that are untrustworthy and greedy, those who don't inherit, but have been appointed authority and work to be an effective pioneer throughout the recovery of a broken government, and finally, the ruler who is adored by each subject in their kingdom and is well known for their grace and wit. Firstly, deceit is one of those personas demonstrated by King Miraz and is mirrored by the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. Hitler was known for being the very despicable dictator of Germany as well as the chief of National Socialism. Jews, gypsy's, communists, and other minorities were savagely murdered under Nazi regime (Adolf). Hitler could intrigue anybody with his eloquent speeches and would rub his diabolical ideas onto others with his mastery of bulk psychology (Adolf). This can be paralleled back to King Miraz because of his dishonesty in tricking his realm into believing that the Old Narnia was just a myth. An example was when King Miraz discovered that Caspian's nurse was telling Caspian of those previous days of Narnia. King Miraz has been in an anger and eliminated her from her position in.

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