CREATED ON 24th December 2017

Essay Heart Attack Prevention

A heart attack can occur at any time to anyone. Oftentimes the inherent problems leading up to a heart attack go undetected and undiagnosed for decades prior to the actual event occurs. Some factors leading up to an assault can be prevented while others cannot. Many people are surprised when they have an assault and do not understand how their lifestyle choices affected their likelihood of having one. This summary discusses just what a heart attack will be, its symptoms and signs, prevention methods, and also how to give first aid attention. According to the The Free Dictionary "A heart attack is the death of, or harm to, part of the heart muscle because the source of blood to the heart muscle is severely reduced or stopped." The conditions inside the body resulting in a heart attack may take years to advance to a point severe enough to result in an attack, and normally do not present any warning signals until the tragedy occurs. A heart attack is the result of raising blockage to the coronary arteries, which provide blood and oxygen to the center. This is a gradual process which leads to coronary artery disease, which then can lead to a heart attack once the congestion has become severe enough. A heart attack is often the first sign of coronary artery disease, and is the most frequent type of cardiovascular disease. A heart attack is the number one cause of death in the United States. Of the more than 1.5 million Americans who endure via a heartbeat, half a few of them don't survive. (Heart Attack, According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention "annually approximately 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of them, 525,000 are a first heart attack and 190,000 happen in those who have already experienced a heart att...

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