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Essay about Deforestation and the Elimination of Natural Habitats

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Subject area Biology
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The more woods which are destroyed, the more injury that is brought upon every species in existence, including humankind. The world's last rain forests are vanishing. Despite a determined global campaign waged for decades by a range of conservation and government associations, the irresistible forces of population growth and rural poverty are swallowing the lush tropics rather than before. Environmentalists predict that over half of the Earth's entire species will be extinct by the middle of this century2. Global warming, holes in the ozone layer, rising water levels, erosion of top soil, degradation of air quality, and ultra violet rays from sunlight are plaguing this world like never before3. All of this is a direct effect of global population growth and reduction of these natural habitats and woods that stop these catastrophes. Anti-deforestation activists battle for the protection of animals? Natural habitats and forests, arguing that their loss is irreparable and the Earth will be not able to maintain a sufficient balance. In turn, this endangers the human race. In protection of deforestation, logging companies and other businesses which gain from deforestation assert that they replant that which is lost at a rate faster than they're cutting down woods. Neither side of the issue can guarantee that their proposed plans will eliminate population growth or forest destruction, hence the effects of both will inevitably construct until the planet can't sustain the amount of lifetime it currently supports, and mass extinction of a kind never before seen will detract. Anti-deforestation activists base their arguments about the simple statistics and truth that when one cuts woods, irreversible damage is imposed on t.. .

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