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Essay on Information on the Illuminati

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The illuminati are a group of folks who claim to have unusual religious enlightenment. This group is known all over the world within an elite secret society which controls the planet. The members of this category include many world leaders including Presidents of the USA, English royalty, banking owners, film makers and even owners of big food corporations like McDonalds (Fritz 2). The members of this group possess the capability to control each element of the contemporary market. Many people believe that the contemporary Illuminati are precisely the same as it was when it first started, but this isn't true. Origins of the Illuminati could be traced back to 500 B.C at Egypt (BBC America N.P). The illuminati mascot is the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus is also known as the all Seeing Eye. This symbol has been put on U.S money, clothes brands and more. The illuminati use deception to conceal their satanic symbols. There are millions of illuminati occult symbols in plain sight all over the USA. Clues seen in Babylon provide insight regarding why and how the Illuminati came into existence. The first written tablets discuss a terrific flood that re shaped the ground, like the story in the bible. The tablets also speak about people who came from the heavens and built pyramids. The individuals who came from the heavens were the Annunaki. The Annunaki were the rulers of cro magnon man underneath king Anu (BBC America N.P) King Anu ruled throughout the eye of horus. The Annunaki bred against the brothers of man and re formed the cro magnon man into the modern human race. The Annunaki continued to rule Babylon and fought many wars, till they were made to convert to another religion. Judaism was the brand new religi...

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